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About Us

Nanya Group of companies is a long and well established trading company in India. The product range of the group includes air conditioner parts, Copper Tubes, Copper Fittings, Hardware Fittings and Textiles. Since almost 2 decades now, the group is fully involved in the imports of products from South East Asian countries and its distribution in India through its strong dealer’s network. Its strong quality controls and continued tie up with the top suppliers overseas has helped us build and retain a loyal customer base. Bulk buying has always given us an edge over our competitor due to a better pricing. Un-interrupted supplies and top quality services has made in the first choice of buyers in the country.

Our brand “NANYA” doesn’t need any introduction in textile and copper tubes for Refrigerations and Airconditioner Parts. The Company is a family owned organization headed by Mr Naresh Jain , Group Chairman and Mr. Ashish Kumar Jain , Director. With a turn over of over Rs. 500 million (combined turnover of the group) the company is very comfortably placed in the industry. History Nanya Airconn Pvt Ltd , a flagship company of Nanya Group of companies , is a closely held company owned by a Jain Family. The foundation of the company was laid in 1935 by Lt. Sh. Gyan chand Jain by venturing in textile trading business in Delhi.

Decades passed and the business kept growing. In mid 60′s the group took its first leap by opening a buying office in Mumbai. It was followed by offices in Surat and Ludhiana. In mid nineties, when the new import trade policy was announced , Mr. N.C.Jain (Chairman now) wasted no time in understanding the future prospects in the international trade and started the imports of textiles from Japan and Korea. Diversification After importing fabric for almost a decade the group made its first diversification in year 2003 by starting importing air conditioners parts and copper tubes.

New Products After almost another decade of its first diversification, the company has now taken another step into furniture hardware fittings. The group has started importing a wide range of hardware fittings from top quality suppliers overseas. Nanya Infotech – First step in IT industry At the same time the group has also ventured in IT business. The group has developed its first online database management application to manage import shipments online. Its another application meant for management of government tenders is under development. Due the strong potential in the online database demand, the group expect to generate good business in the IT industry as well