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E-rickshaw – An avenue that will lead Delhi to development

Life is fast in every part of the world, especially in a city like Delhi. This city really never sleeps. Here, people are working almost all the time. Though, working hours are limited but the work really never ends. It is because people have to achieve targets, meet deadlines and have to satisfy their clients. Even the female working professionals also follow, more or less the same working routine.

Therefore, the biggest need of this city is an easily accessible and cheap transportation service. Though, this city already has the best quality transportation services i.e. Metro train & low floor buses. But the problem is, Delhi is a very big city and reach of metro and buses is limited to their decided terminals. It means they do not reach to each and every locality. Also, at many places services of public and private buses are very poor which due to which people have to wait too long at the bus stop.

Hence, Delhi people need a transportation service that is cheap, efficient and can reach inner parts of a locality. All of these qualities are there in e-rickshaw which is nowadays can be seen in various parts of the city. Though, right now the use battery rickshaw in Delhi is very limited as it is completely a new thing for the people of this city.

But as soon as people get aware about the advantages of e-rickshaw then it will be there in all over the city. Some of the advantages of E-rickshaw are:-

It is a convenient transportation service and the tariff rate of e-rickshaw is much less than auto rickshaw and normal rickshaws
It can accommodate more passengers and covers more area than normal rickshaws with a better speed. Hence, it will provide faster transportation service.
These rickshaws will operate in a limited range of area therefore the services of e-rickshaw will be consistent means it will be easily available.
These e-rickshaws will be highly beneficial for the places where road conditions are really not good. The durability and efficiency of these e-rickshaws make them highly suitable for such places
Considering the loading capacity of these e-rickshaws, they are highly useful for transporting goods
Most importantly, it provides a great business opportunity for small scale businessmen as they can earn great revenues by becoming battery rickshaw dealer in Delhi. Moreover, it generate a lots of employment opportunity for the people belonging to BPL (Below Poverty Line) category. In simple language, use of e-rickshaw is beneficial for this city in every possible way.