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E Rickshaw Rim Manufacturer

Nanya Group of Companies is one of the best companies recognized as E Rickshaw Rim Manufacturer. We manufacture the best quality of e rickshaw rim which is manufactured by using the superior material and spare parts sourced from the exclusive vendors in the market. Our team of experts is manufacturing the versatile functioning rims with their innovative and technical approach. These rims are an essential part or component of E rickshaw manufacturing. These rims make the important spare parts of e rickshaw as it supports the tyres of these rickshaws which is again an essential element.

These rims are made user-friendly and thus can also be installed easily. These rims are made with metallic material so that it remains prevented from any type of spoilage or corrosion. Our rims are made up of robust rugged body and design. These rims are the support system of any wheel or say tyre as the whole rubber is attached with that rim. We cater the rim with sufficient strength.


90/90-12 Alloy Rim
SIZE: 3.00-12
TYPE (F/R) : Rear Rim
Material: Aluminium Alloy
PCD: 100 mm
COLOR: Multicolor
PACKING: 5 Pc/Carton
APPLICATION: E Rickshaw / Electric Tricycle

90/90-12 Alloy Rim

Model SKUD14

90/90-12 Alloy Rim

Model SKUD13

90/90-12 Alloy Rim

Model SKUD19

3.00-14 Rear Rim

Model SKUD03

4.00-12 Front Rim

Model SKUD07

3.00-14 Rear Rim

Model SKUD01