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E Rickshaw Shocker Manufacturer

Nanya Airconn Pvt. Ltd is the best E Rickshaw Shocker Manufacturer in India. We are the leading Manufacturers of e rickshaw shockers which are made by using standard raw material sourced from the classified vendors in the market. Our experts including trained and professional engineers are manufacturing this e rickshaw shocker of the finest quality. We work upon the advanced skills and technical approach to implement them together and come out with the exclusive range of our product. These shockers are cost-effective and easy to install the type of product.

These shockers are made with the best brand of metal so that it does not get spoilt. These shockers are made in a robust body. The Shockers are made smooth at their functioning. These shockers are used to run the E rickshaws with efficiency. These shockers are assembled in the rickshaws in order to prevent it from bouncing at breakers and uneven surface. It absorbs the shocks on the road and makes the ride smooth and comfortable.


We manufacture the shockers with a robust body.
Our shockers are made with superior material.
These shocker works with full efficacy as it prevents the shocks on the roads.
We sell the shockers in an affordable range.

Hydraulic Shocker: 07HS
SKU: IC08-31
Category: Shocker
DIameter: 31mm

Length: 29″

Spring: Yes

Type: Hydraulic

38mm 29″ Non Hydraulic Shocker with Spring

Model SKUIA02

29″ 31mm Hydraulic Shocker with spring

Model SKUIC09-29

Hydraulic Shocker with Spring

Model SKUIC02-29

Shocker Spring 31mm

Model SKUXH01

Hydraulic Shocker

Model SKUIC01

Hydraulic Shocker 43mm x 31″

Model SKUIC07