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How to get E Rickshaw Approved from ICat

I often receive phone calls from many entrepreneurs who are interested in entering e-rickshaw business asking how to get their e-rickshaw approved from I-Cat. So I thought that it would useful for all those who want to enter the e-rickshaw industry if I provide them all information to get their e-rickshaw approved from I-Cat and start their business. You can call it a ‘Step by Step guide for getting E Rickshaw Approved from Icat’ or ‘ A complete guide for getting E Rickshaw Approved from Icat.

There is a complete process for getting the E Rickshaw approved from Icat and I have divided  the process in 11 steps for the ease of understanding.

Step 1. – Company registration on the website of I-Cat.

(a). Go to iocs.icat.in/icat and signup.

(b). For signing up you need to upload

  • Company Profile
  • Proof of legal status of your business entity.
    • TIN no. in case of proprietorship.
    • Memorandum incase of company.
    • Partnership deed incase of partnership firm.
  • Authority letter in favour of the person who will represent the company in I-Cat (with photo).

Step 2. – Allotment of user name and password by I-Cat.

Once you have registered and uploaded all documents, I-Cat, after verification of all documents, shall send you an email at your registered email id confirming your user name and password.

Step 3. – Open New Docket

Docket is like a new case opened by manufacturer. Go to iocs.icat.in . After login in , open a new docket for certification of new vehicles.

Step 4. – Upload Tables and request letter

I-Cat has specific a set of tables containing all the specifications of e-rickshaw.

(a). You need to upload all these tables at the time of opening the docket.

(b). All the tables duly fill properly.

(c). Certificates of all the approve components used by you.

(d). COP (if needed).

(e). Request letter for conducting test.

Step 5. – Issuance of Performa Invoice by I-Cat

Once I-Cat verifies all the documents uploaded by you it will send a Performa invoice for testing fees at your registered email id.

Step 6. – Payment of Testing Fee

Once you receive the Performa Invoice you need to make the full payment of the fees.

Step 7. – Submitting E-Rickshaw (Commonly called ‘PROPERTY’ by I-Cat)

After making the payment you need to submit the e-rickshaw (Property) to I-Cat along with a ‘one pager’. One pager consists of pictures of e-rickshaw from all four sites and pictures of all approve components used by you and pictures of motor, controller and all components used by you.

Step 8. – Labeling of Components by I-Cat Officers

The officers will then verify all the components used by you with the photos on one pager and put stickers on each components so that it cannot be changed later ones.

Step 9. – Testing 

This is the most important stage .In this stage I cat conducts all tests required on the E Rickshaw (I will be writing a separate post listing the tests conducted by Icat)

Step 10. – After all tests are qualified the test reports and clearance reports are submitted by all testing departments to Customer Support Group (CSG).

Step 11. – Certification

CSG than verifies all tests reports, clearance reports and drawing and after being satisfy issues the approval certificates.

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  1. Aniket April 24, 2018 at 9:43 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for this information.

  2. Singh June 10, 2021 at 7:57 pm Reply

    How much cost and total time in procedure ??

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