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Nanya has become a leading e-rickshaw in Delhi

Nanya E-rickshaw is considered a cool thing as Indian people are more aware about the environmental hazards and its effect on their lifestyle. Thus, more and more people are inclining towards eco friendly products. Even, if they have to pay little extra for it, just for the sake of protecting the environment.

Nanya E rickshaw is the biggest example of people becoming environment conscious is the increasing use of Battery rickshaw in Delhi. These Battery rickshaws are going to replace the present mode of transport in Delhi as they are safe, suitable and non-polluting.

Seeing the likeness of Delhi’s people for these e-rickshaws, many entrepreneurs and businessmen have entered into e-rickshaw business with different brand names. Among all these e-rickshaw brands, the one which is really getting accolades from people is Nanya. It is counted among one of the best brands in the market and getting high number of sales.

Some of reasons which make it one of the best e-rickshaw brands in Delhi are:-

· Nanya is more durable than other battery operated rickshaws as superior quality of metal is used for making them. Therefore weight of Nanya (180 kg) is more than other e-rickshaw which weigh around 130 to 150 kg.
The loading capacity of Nanya is also good compare to many other battery rickshaws. It has load capacity of 400 kg.
It is more spacious and can easily accommodate 6 people excluding driver.
The top speed of Nanya is 20 kilometer per hour
Though it has a lot more to offer than other battery rickshaw brands, still it has a very moderate price. In fact, one can purchase it on installments also. Not only common people, but retailers are also purchasing Nanya. No wonder, it has created a place in the market so easily. We wish it achieve a lot of success in upcoming time as its services will bring lot of positive changes in our city.

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