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Top Quality E-Rickshaw Rims

Rims are among the most visible parts of a vehicle. Apart form this, how the vehicle performs depends upon these rims. It is for this reason that selecting a vehicle’s rim can be a great way both to achieve particular performance benefits and to give your vehicle a more striking appearance.

Before selecting a rim, one must understand the compete process by which the rim is produced to know about it quality standards and durability.

The production of Nanya Rims consists of following processes which not only makes them outstanding in terms of quality performance precision and durability but also makes them an obvious choice for the buyer.


Automated welding systems ensure weld integrity through electronic weld process controllers.It ensures high precision and guarantee high quality end product.




The process helps in removing any sort variation in the rims and make them perfectly aligned.


 Shot blasting is a surface finishing technique which cleans, polishes and strengthen the rims. It remove burrs, scale and rust present on the surface and makes the surface ready for application of coatings smoothly and with extreme regularity.


Our rims passes through 7 different tanks containing various chemicals and make the rims corrosion resistant.



Rims are dipped into charged coating tanks and get coated with a hard and stickly layer. These tanks include anodic and cathodic electrophoresis solutions which improve the quality of the rims and prevent them from corrosion.



 The finishing of the rim is done by painting it with high gloss metallic paints. It not only helps in preventing scratches but also gives it an attractive appearance.
















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