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Various aspects of battery rickshaw trend in Delhi | E Rickshaw ICat Approved‎

From the time Battery operated rickshaw in Delhi has started operating; common people have lot of expectations from it. People are saying that it will bring lot of changes in this city and these changes will be highly beneficial for this city.

Some of the benefits of these E-rickshaws are as follows:-

These e-rickshaws are eco-friendly; they do not create any kind of pollution or emit any substance that can cause harm to the human body. Hence, these e-rickshaws will be a great help to reduce pollution level of this city and will provide better health conditions.
Considering the increasing tariff rates of auto-rickshaws and taxis, these e-rickshaws provide a transportation service which is affordable for everyone
These e-rickshaws run on electricity which means that it won’t increase the demand of petrol. Also, use of e-rickshaw will reduce the use of other vehicles of transport. Thus, the need of petrol of city will also be maintain.
These e-rickshaws have more speed than normal rickshaw and occupy less space. Hence, it will helpful in reducing the traffic rate of city
Well, these are the benefits of e-rickshaw for the city. But, there are lots of direct benefits of e-rickshaw for the common man. Some of them are:-

These E-rickshaws can also be used for transporting goods. Small scale businessmen who usually transport goods in small quality can use these e-rickshaws on daily basis. This will reduce the transportation cost a lot.

These e-rickshaws will be a great opportunity for the people belonging to economically weaker section of the society. They can easily earn their livelihood by driving E-rickshaw. In fact, by driving these e-rickshaws they will easily come out of EWS category.

It is an ideal business model for those small scale businessmen who are looking for a business where they can easily get their investment back with good profits. Moreover, it is the best time to enter into this business because right now there are very few battery rickshaw dealers in Delhi.

These e-rickshaws do not require any special driving skills therefore people who have some minor physical disability and old people can also drive it.

The manufacturing of e-rickshaw is not as complex or costly like other rickshaws. Thus, one can start manufacturing battery rickshaw and sell it to the dealers. Moreover, right now there is very few battery rickshaw manufacturers in Delhi therefore one can easily capture the market.

Basically, if the people of Delhi use these e-rickshaws positively then it will definitely fulfill all the expectations.